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About Applied Water Engineering, Inc.

Applied Water Engineering, Inc. was started in late 1977 by Steve Trotter, Jim Bowen, and Stephen Carr with a few local orders for reverse osmosis systems. Only Stephen Carr was ever an employee and the other two no longer have any affiliation.

The first systems were for laboratory use, hygroponics, and home dialysis. They covered the size range of 400 to 1200 GPD of rated output. They were made in large, ugly steel cabinets. We purchased membranes and pressure vessels.

In 1978, a PVC welded pressure vessel for a 4026 size CTAB element was developed and we started buying sheet membrane to roll our own cellulose triacetate blend membranes.

In 1979 we brought out an attractive, easily serviced, sloping cabinet model RO (same capacities) and secured dealers which gave us exposure in California, Texas and Florida.

In 1981 we brought out the OF Model, or open frame, with 1-5 RO modules and outputs to 2000 GPD. We also started exporting to Taiwan.

In 1983 we started offering the OF models with the Filmtec TW-4021 thin film composite element in our vessel as an alternate to the cellulose elements.

In 1985 we developed our own temperature compensated conductivity monitor and probes. That year we also started making the attractive RC (round Cabinet) system covering the output range of 60-240 GPD. We also converted our first dialysis clinic system to disinfection with RenalinTM.

In 1990 we started making the WF (welded frame) Model with up to six 4040 TFC elements, SS vessels, and a submerged multistage pump. The maximum output was 9000 GPD.

In 1993 we started making the Model SP with a submerged pump and 2-3 4040 TFC modules. We also started making our conductivity alarms with feed, product monitoring, and alarm. By this time we had a good representative in Singapore and sent many systems to Asia for dialysis clinics.

In 1995 we received FDA approval on our 510(k) application for the Model OFD1X-ACT system used in acute and home dialysis.

In 1997 we unveiled the Model PA2000 to replace the Model OFD1X-ACT.

In 1999 we started offering ORP monitors for dechlorination monitoring that had three probes. The original monitors were purchased and assembled with a 3 way selector switch and alarm in a steel box. This evolved into our present Triple ORP Monitor.

In 2000 we announced the CircsertTM product tube recirculation device to eliminate the dead space in a spiral wound element. We also started buying special TFC elements for a full fit into our PVC vessels. On SP systems that used conventional pressure vessels we started adding annulus drains for faster disinfection and rinse out

In 2004 we developed the economical Model WM Wall Mount series of RO systems for general commercial use.

We continue to persist in the 21st century despite extensive competition from powerful companies like General Electric because we design reliable equipment and provide long term after sale service.

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